Here are some cool woodworking projects for kids

Toddlers and little children love being busy all day long and, as much as I love kids, this could prove quite exhausting for a person who also has a full-time job. And while extracurricular activities like swimming, ballet, and dancing are all social activities, they won’t help you bond with your kid. In fact, it will only keep him or her busy while you’re also busy trying to provide for the family.

In my experience so far I’ve learned that children can be pleased with little, as long as they have their parents by their side. So next time you think you’re too tired of helping them with their homework or listen to their day, think again. All they require is your constant love and affection, and that comes for free.

So, if you are really trying to bond with your children and create a special connection between you, why not appeal to some easy DIY projects? There are countless tutorials available on the Internet that will help you build small things and require little of your budget.

Woodworking projects for kids are fun and easy to do, and here is everything you need to know about them.

Safety measures

Before jumping to any DIY project you need to put your children’s safety first. And while helmets and protective suits are out of the question, you may want to use a pair of special working gloves or goggles for the eyes. Also, do not allow them to handle needles and hammers on their own, even when they seem like they can. Apart from being extremely heavy, hammers can be dangerous too. The same goes for needles, so avoid everything that looks sharp or dangerous.

If any of your DIY wood projects calls for the use of hammers and needles, it is best to secure this part yourself. Keep the children away or, better yet, reduce to the minimum the use of these materials.


What can your children build?

If handled correctly, wood is one of the most resourceful materials in the world. It is durable and quite easy to carve and can turn into spectacular shapes with the right set of tools and a pair of good hands.

I suggest starting off with simple projects like building a bookshelf, especially for your child’s books.

Boxes and birdhouses are the next things that can be built rather easy and with the minimum of effort. You will find most of the blueprints and the plans you require online, so all you have to do is stick to the instructions.

After the woodwork is done, make sure to have your kids paint it accordingly or even recreate another piece for further learning.

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