How to buy the perfect drill


A drill press could prove extremely handy especially if you’re into DIY projects in and around the house. It is useful for a wide array of jobs but finding the right drill press might be a little bit difficult, especially if you’re not really sure what to look for.

We are willing to offer you all the help you need and this is why we conducted a small buying guide with the right features a good drill press should have. Read below and make sure you pick the right item for your specific needs.


Bench drill presses vs.floor drill presses

First of all, you should know that there are two kinds of different drill presses, each coming with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Thus, choosing the right one strictly depends on your future uses and requirements.

Bench drill presses are less powerful and are perfect for making smaller holes. They are the items mainly used by the arts and crafting community and represent the best choice for the fashion and jewelry markets. Their main advantage is that they are lightweight and extremely portable, meaning you can easily carry them with you wherever your atelier is based.

In addition, the bench drill presses are also easier to deposit due to their smaller dimensions.

On the other hand, floor drill presses are more powerful and are mainly used for drilling large holes, the types you will need for industrial purposes. These presses stand on the floor and don’t require an additional bench, meaning they are more powerful and they are designed for heavy drilling.


Watch out for the power

Regardless of your activity domain, you will need a powerful drill press to ensure all your drilling is done smoothly, easy, and fast. Keep in mind that your product’s motor power is measured in power horses, so look for an item with a significant number of power horses to ensure the quality and efficiency of the motor.

A powerful motor is the key to fast and easy drilling, and will also be able to sustain prolonged drilling jobs.


Consider various speeds as well

Apart from a powerful motor, the best drill for home use should also come with various speeds to fulfill different drilling jobs. You will have to adjust the power and the speed of your drill press according to the type of hole you want to drill. Thus, your product should come with adjustable speeds to make sure all your drilling requirements are met.

The speed of such a product is measured in revolutions per minute or rpm and a good item should come with adjustable speeds from 250-300 rpm to 3000 rpm.


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